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Cross-Channel Orchestration, Email Marketing, Adobe Integrations

Hilti develops, manufactures, and distributes tools across various industries in 61 markets. The team combined ACS with AEM to deliver a unified, multi-channel campaign management tool for internal teams to use and send personalized and relevant communications through email and SMS. The effort reduced the number of marketing software tools being used from 16 to 6, reduced overall costs by 50%, accelerated time-to-market by 30%, and increased customer acquisition by 18%.

Cross-Channel Orchestration, Email Marketing, Personalization

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union delivers personalized experiences through email, phone calls, and even in-person conversations by leveraging data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign to strengthen member relationships. Through on-boarding email series for new products and triggered messages based on activities, IHMVCU stays engaged beyond the daily transactions.

Email Marketing, Personalization, Adobe Integrations

The Miami Heat integrates Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and multiple Microsoft solutions to power personalized experiences and engage fans. Using insights from Analytics and Campaign, data is shared with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI empowering everyone in the organization to have the right data on-hand to drive success.

Email Marketing, Salesforce/ExactTarget Replacement, Loyalty Program

Vita-mix replaced ExactTarget/Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 4 months with Adobe Campaign Standard, including the IP Warm-up process with nearly 2 million subscribers. Vita-Mix launched a new loyalty program in mid-2019, acquiring 45,000 new members in the first 90 days.

Email Marketing, Personalization, Adobe Integrations

Grundfos, a leading global manufacturer of pumps, empowers its 140+ member sales team with Adobe Campaign Standard across 40+ countries, multiple languages through standardization, templates, and automation to deliver local, personal and relevant communications. Since implementing the new process – centralized governance with localized execution – open rates have increased from 16% to 23% and click-through rates have increased from 2.5% to 3.8% and engagement has increased 70% in one year.

Email Marketing, Personalization, Adobe Integrations

Using Adobe Campaign, HBR transformed its routine email campaigns running daily, weekly, and monthly, with newsletters among the most valuable content. The company delivers 13 newsletters to 800,000 unique subscribers, generating average open rates of 28% and an average click-through rate of 23%, exerting a strong influence on the decision to purchase a subscription.

Customer Journey Management, Adobe Managed Services, Personalization

National Australia Bank (NAB) achieved a 25% uplift in customer engagement and won 20% more sales opportunities by using Adobe Campaign to help create customer-centric experiences. Time-to-market for new campaigns accelerated from 2 weeks to 48 hours, digital communications grew by 8 times, and NAB saved millions of dollars in third-party fees.

Email Marketing, Adobe Managed Services, Loyalty Program

When True Value turned to Adobe Campaign to consolidate their customer information and enhance their segmentation and targeting, the impact was dramatic. Data from multiple sources were merged to create True Value’s first email customer profiles, and subsequently email open rates increased 163% and the new streamlined marketing workflows cut campaign cycle time by 20%.

Cross-Channel Orchestration, Customer Journey Management, Email Marketing

Sunrise Communications, the 2nd largest telco in Switzerland, uses Adobe Campaign to automate the execution of marketing campaigns for various audience segments, allowing them to address both potential and existing customers across all relevant online and offline channels, including email, SMS, push, and social. Using a single campaign management system has increased productivity and reduced time to market.

Cross-Channel Orchestration, Email Marketing

Looking to integrate its existing customer database with a new solution that could help monitor, analyze, and personalize customer experience, Renault used Adobe Campaign to launch their new “My Renault” program. By sending customers targeted, one-to-one communication, Renault was able to boost registrations for their customer owner portal by 20%.

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